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Justin AQHA Remuda Western Boots | Durable and Comfortable Cowboy Boots

Justin RemudaWhether you want to kick it up on the dusty trail or just two-step around the dance floor, once you’ve laid eyes on these Justin Aqha Remuda cowboy boots, they’re sure to become a must-have in your shoe closet! These beautiful boots are made from only the finest quality leather and the foot is entirely covered in a beautiful sandy brown color. The upper contrasts this perfectly as it’s entirely designed from red cowhide that also features dots of the sandy brown color. Detailing is completely carved throughout both the upper and across the foot. And sitting atop these stylish boots are two pull-on tabs so you’ll never have to struggle before heading off into the sunset. The stacked soles and heels of these boots are also made from fine quality leather with beautiful matching brown top stitching to complete the look! These boots are perfect for any women who feels the call of the cowgirl!

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Coach Barrett Tennis Shoes | Cute and Comfortable Pink Sneakers

Coach BarrettEveryone loves a great pair of tennis shoes! They’re comfortable, sweet, and cute too! But there are no cuter tennis shoes available than these beautiful Barrett Multi Op Art Tennis Shoes from Coach! These wonderful shoes are designed with a beautiful circular geometric shape but, take a closer look! These aren’t just regular circles! They’re actually signature C’s so they not only add to the beautiful design but everyone will know that your feet are wearing only the very best! And these signatures are done in every color of the pastel rainbow so they’re sure to match each and every one of your favorite outfits. Plus the back, the upper, and the rubber sole trim are all decked out in only the prettiest of the pink trim so you can keep your fun and flirty side too! Tennis shoes that are cute, comfortable, and have one of the finest names in fashion attached to them!

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How to Store Your Shoes, Space-Saving Shoe Storage Solutions

People, especially women, love shoes! There seems to be a perfect pair to go with every outfit. Women generally have at least three different pairs for every type of shoe they will need. This means three pairs of casual shoes, three pairs of sandals, three pairs of formal shoes, and so on. But where are all these shoes supposed to go when you’re not wearing them? Improper storage will ruin your shoes and take up valuable space that could be better utilized. But shoes can be awkward to store and so, many choose to just line them up at the bottom of their closets. This is perhaps one of the worst ways to store shoes. Not only will you miss out on wearing some of your greatest pairs because you can’t see them but they could also become damaged quite easily. Here are some great ways to keep your space and save your shoes!

Rakku Shoe Wheel

silver.wheel_lrgThe Rakku Shoe Wheel is one of the most innovative products on the market today that’s designed to help you with your shoe storage problems. This product is a wheel large enough to hold up to thirty pairs of shoes and spins so that you can easily grab the pair that you are looking for. You can simply place the shoes in through elastic cords and retrieve them the same way. Standing at just over two feet high, the wheel can easily fit into the bottom of any closet and there you will have all of your shoes together in one place and you can see them all at a glance!

Shoe Racks

317ykyiVVYL._AA280_Shoe racks are another great way to store your shoes. These can either sit inside the closet as a free-standing rack, be hung over the closet door, or can be built right into the closet. Building the racks right into the closets can be very easy. You simply need enough wood to create spaces that will be large enough to hold your shoes. These often have small wooden strips along the back where the heels of shoes can rest. This not only protects your shoes but it will also make a great display and will save you from neglecting certain pairs of shoes because they will be in plain sight! A free-standing shoe rack at the bottom of the closet can also be very helpful but this may be most helpful to those that don’t have too many pairs of shoes to store. Otherwise, they will only take up valuable closet space. Having a shoe rack that hangs over the closet door is also a very useful way to display your shoes. Not only will you be able to see all of your shoes at the same time but the canvas or plastic pockets will also keep your shoes in tip-top shape! As an added bonus, these types of racks can also have purses and belts hung off of them, giving you even more room in your closet!

Under-The-Bed Shoe Organizer

517DNdIR8uL._SL500_AA280_Don’t forget about the space under your bed when considering how to store your shoes. Although this may be a space saver, you need to make sure that you are properly storing your shoes under here or they will soon be covered with dust bunnies and could easily become damaged. There are storage containers that are flat and especially designed for holding shoes that can help with this problem. If you want even more space under your bed to store shoes, you can purchase bed risers that are placed under the legs of your bed. This will give you another five to seven inches to store your shoes. Here, the added bonus is that you can use the risers as additional décor for your room and if you don’t want people to see the containers, buy a pretty dust ruffle that will cover them up.

Shoe Storage Bench

31qkeILCHeL._SL500_AA250_One great trend emerging is the use of benches as storage areas. These benches are hollowed out and usually have a cushion on top that makes them comfortable to sit on. Find a bench that you love and place it in your living room or in your front foyer by the closet. Place any extra shoes inside and guests will thank you as they now have a place to sit when putting their shoes on! Pretty décor, practical use, and shoe storage all in one!

Shoe Shelves

417sYfDw5BL._SL500_AA280_Simple shelving may be all you need to solve your shoe storage woes. If you have room in your bedroom, set up shelves that have small cubbyholes that you can place your shoes in. You can build these yourself or you can find them already built in any store that sells other house wares and storage solutions. If you think the look of all your shoes displayed is unsightly, place a curtain or a room divider over the shelves. You can find these in very pretty or funky patterns and again, they can be a great addition to any rooms décor!

Shoe Ladder

ladderAnother way to display your shoes is to purchase a ladder with wide steps. Paint it in your favorite colors and display the shoes that you will be wearing for the season on the wide steps. Place any shoes that won’t be worn into a storage container and store them with all your other off-season clothes, whether it be in your basement, attic, or other area of your home. This is a truly unique way to show off your shoes and keep them out of the way at the same time!

Shoe Boxes

reg-1223686598-90767If you don’t have room on your walls or in your room to have a free-standing structure, make better use of the shelf at the top of your closet. Instead of simply throwing shoes on the shelf and searching for a matching pair when you need them, place them in shoe boxes and take a picture to place at the end of the box. This will allow you to see all of your shoes at once and because they will be in boxes, it will be easy to stack them, giving you more space. If you don’t like that idea, you can buy clear shoe boxes that you can simply place your shoes in. You will still be able to see and stack them but won’t have to be bothered by taking pictures of all your shoes!

There are many ways to save your precious shoes and keep your precious space at the same time! You can either choose your favorite storage method or you can combine a few of your favorites, if you really have a lot of shoes! Storing them properly will allow you to take full advantage of all those shoes you have and will also help you keep them in the best shape possible.


BCBGirls High Heel Pump | Comfortable and Classy Stiletto Heels

BCBGirls High Heel PumpAs a young and trendy woman, looking at your best for clubs and dinner nights are one of the top priorities in your life. Looking good is okay, but when you have the perfect heel to match that outfit you look absolutely spectacular. This champagne heel matches great with a tuxedo suit or a dress and is sexy and classy at the same time. The heel is at a great height giving you some length and making your legs look great but not overdoing it. It has a patent rubber sole which gives a lot of comfort, especially for those nights spent dancing till the sun comes up.

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Decorative Shoe Storage Bench

31qkeILCHeL._SL500_AA250_Yes, another shoe storage review, we’re on a roll! With this wonderful storage bench you can get great home décor with storage solutions all at the same time! This sturdy bench is made from the finest dark hardwood and is hollow, giving you even more space to hide all of your shoes when you’re not wearing them! Place the bench in your living room for more seating space, in your foyer to provide a place to sit as people put on their shoes, or in the kid’s playroom. The bench is made up of two different pieces of hardwood, giving two doors to the storage space. The most convenient part about this is that you can be sitting on one piece of hardwood and open the other to find the shoes that you are looking for! This storage bench is a thing of true beauty and will not only be a great place to put all your shoes but also offers a place to put your feet up while it adds to your home’s décor!

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Canvas Shoe Organizer Under Your Bed

517DNdIR8uL._SL500_AA280_Use the space under your bed for more than just dust bunnies! This shoe organizer holds up to twelve pairs of shoes that can all be seen at a glance as your shoes lay side by side. The organizer has a clear plastic top that can be zippered up so that your shoes won’t have to also lay in dust or dirt that may be under your bed. It’s constructed of stylish khaki canvas with a blue trim all around, making you want to show off the space under your bed! And because the canvas is very breathable, it will also prevent the smell of musty odors, and moths from calling this space home. If you need a shoe organizer that is portable, you can find it within this organizational system as well with the side handles that make it easy to carry twelve pairs of shoes all at the same time!

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Laredo Ladies 11″ – Cheap and Durable Women’s Cowboy Boots

41czPxqhb2L._AA280_This leather boot is comfortable! And cheap. Talk about cheap and cheerful. I am so used to cheap and tearful when it comes to boots. So many times in the past, have I gone for the thrifty boot and the cap has runaway or the soul has flopped off. Lame. Not this pair! They are the real deal.
I wore them to a friend’s house who lives out in the bush and aside from a bit of dust, they didn’t really wear at all. My feet didn’t hurt by the time I got home and the caps were still fixed. Yay! Looking at the box now, it says they have a no-slip rubber cap, so I guess that would be why. :)

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Store Your Shoes With an Over-the-Door Canvas Shoe Organizer

Whitney Over-the-Door Canvas Shoe OrganizerDon’t let the space on your closet door ever go wasted again! The Whitney Over-the-Door Canvas Shoe Organizer is different than any other of its kind. This shoe rack, which is easy to hang right on your closet door, is made from a canvas that is so practical to use! Storing up to twenty pairs of shoes, the canvas is made extra-durable so you never have to worry about rips and tears in your shoe rack again! And because the shoe pockets are made to fit any type of shoe, it will do the job for a specific purpose or for your entire family! Place into these pockets, your favorite heels, your husband’s work shoes, or your kid’s soccer shoes! Whatever your need is, this over-the-door shoe organizer is sure to fit your need! And because it’s made of canvas, you can simply throw it in the wash and it will look good as new when it’s done drying!

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BCBGeneration Ariel Pump | Versatile Peep Toe High Heels

BCBGeneration Ariel PumpAll in all I’m quite impressed with the Peep Toe and that’s saying something, considering I’m not a fan of high-ish heels or the peep-toe look on my foot. I picked up the smoke pair and found them quite comfortable. On closer inspection, there is definitely a nice cushion on the sole, which alleviated any possible blisters. I don’t need to tell you what a plus that was when I was cutting up the rug. There is nothing worse than having to go home early, because ‘my feet hurt’. I also am a fan of how versatile this shoe is. It’s one of those great shoe-stoppers that can dress up jeans or marry with a dress. It’s a win for me. I just need to wear them a bit more to get my high heel stride back. It’s a shame the red pair isn’t red enough…

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Ralph Lauren Celestine Women’s Espadrille | Casual Fashion Sandals

Ralph Lauren CelestineGoing to the beach and trying to find that right shoe to match that sunny dress you bought can be tricky; until I came across Ralph Laurens Celestine Stretch Espadrille shoe. If you are short like me the height that the shoe gave me was just right. The heel measures approximately 3 ¾ giving me the perfect look for my beach walk. The rubber sole is extreme comfort for sand to not rub your foot raw. It is made with an elastic band all around the foot for that stretch comfort. It allows you to walk as good as flip flops with out the pain, lines, and discomfort but with a stylish look. Not only did it match my dress, it went perfect with a pair of skinny jeans for a night on the town.

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