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Privo Women’s Bon Bon 2 Flip Flop | Cheap and Colorful Flip Flops

Privo Bon Bon 2 Flip FlopThis cute thong-style flip flop is perfect for spending a day in the sun playing beach volleyball or simply just throwing a Frisbee around. The ultimate in sporty chic, this flip flop has a rubber sole and genuine leather straps with a beautifully detailed pattern scrolled along the top and the sides. This flip flop will look good anywhere and it will also feel good whether you are relaxing on a patio or playing sports on the beach. Unlike anything else, the Privo will massage your feet as you are walking with a comfort like only an EVA midsole can provide. Another added comfort feature to this flip flop is that the flop will custom mold to the wearer’s foot beginning with the very time the sandal is worn! No sore feet after a day walking and a style that can be worn with just about anything makes this the perfect flip flop this summer!

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Pleated Bow Flats | Cute, Comfortable and Cheap Leatherette Flats

Sofa FlatsThese flats made by Sofa are really cute and what makes them look even better is the price: you can’t afford to pass up on them! Made from leatherette, these trendy shoes have a nice pleated bow and are available in several solid colors such as black, brown and white. Being cheap and comfortable, these are the perfect shoes to wear during the day. Your feet (and your wallet) will thank you!

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Nine West Jewellite Snake-print Sandals | Elegant Slingbacks With High Heels

Nine West JewelliteNine West’s Jewellite is a gorgeous sandal with sophisticated straps and an elegant peep toe. The high heels make this a very sexy shoe, yet it’s still comfortable enough to wear them all day long: the mini platform and the non-slip sole with rubber panels provide enough support to keep you on your feet. The back strap has a metal buckle which you can adjust so it fits your feet perfectly.

There are several colors and color combinations to choose from: go for a more classic look with the black or brown Jewellite, or be trendy with the multi-colored snake-print straps. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed with these stylish sandals.

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Nine West Jaiya Peep Toe Slingback | Tall And Sleek Slingbacks With Open Toe

Jaiya slingbackWhen looking for a fun shoe that is also full of class and elegance, you can’t go wrong with the Jaiya Peep Toe Slingback from Nine West. This slingback has pieces of fine leather that run around the upper of the shoe and come to meet and overlap at the toe. The cute cutout details on the upper toe add another level of playfulness to this already wonderful shoe and the stacked heel proves that no detail has gone overlooked. And just above the heel you can see the single rhinestone detail on the back strap, which also brings a lot of charm to these shoes. What might really prove that this shoe stands on its own two feet is the fact that the slingback is elasticized. Which means that it won’t continually fall down as other slingbacks will and will keep the entire shoe, and your foot, snugly in place.

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MIA Hepburn Skimmer | Simple Leather Pointed Toe Flat

MIA Hepburn SkimmerThere’s no doubt that simple is back, and nothing proves this more than the classic cut of the MIA Women’s Hepburn Skimmer. This wonderful shoe can be played up for a big night on the town or can be toned down for a simple Sunday walk through the park. These flats have a very comfortable rubber sole as well as a plush foot bed, to ensure that every step you take is as perfect as the one before it. The smooth lines leave the top of the foot exposed and the classical simple and fresh look of this shoe is rounded out with the pointed toe. The entire upper portion of this shoe is done in fine leather and the multitude of colors is as versatile as the shoe itself! Choose from a metallic silver when you really want to shine or a muted cream tone when you’re feet don’t need as much flare!

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Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Running Shoe | Total Support, Good Enough to Run a Marathon

Brooks AdrenalineA fine shoe for the woman who loves to work out by pounding the pavement, this style of Brooks Women’s shoe has so many features that will make running an even bigger joy than it already is! The upper mesh lining along with the microfiber overlay helps to wick away moisture, leaving your feet dry and ready to focus on the finish line. The sole and the interior foot bed are both cushioned, making each step feel cushiony-soft and the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is perfect for giving custom support just where it’s needed! Not only do these shoes make a woman’s passion for running truly come to life but they are also so stylish that you may want to buy a pair for when you’re out of the gym or off the track! Available in a multitude of colors including: white with silver and allure trim; white with black and pink trim; or white with silver and yellow trim. Whichever style you prefer, you can find every color of this fabulous running shoe on Amazon.

Featured Brooks Adrenaline auctions on eBay:

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Frye Brown Harness Boot | Durable Leather Western Boots For Women

Frye Harness BootsThere is little that is better coupled with a nice pair of jeans than a stunning pair of cowgirl boots and FRYE has created the perfect combination of boots that have a tough exterior outside but inside they are nothing but softness and femininity, perhaps like the woman who wears them! These beautiful boots have pull-on straps decorating the top of the boot, and making them easy to slip into, as well as an upper that is made of only some of the finest leather on earth. Three wide straps meet at the bottom of the boot with silver rings on both sides, and are a perfect example of the soft touches that are added to these no-nonsense boots. The square toe and the short heel are in perfect keeping with authentic cowboy boots and the Brown Rage Tumbled as well as the Tan also have a very weathered look, which also give it a very true cowgirl feel!

Frye Harness Boots on eBay:

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Crazy About Shoes? 10 Tools And Gadgets For The Shoe Lover

Shoe lovers are sometimes the easiest people on the planet to shop for. Not only are there the shoes themselves, of which there is an entire world waiting to be explored, but there are also countless gadgets, trinkets, and thingamajigs to add onto them and make them ever more perfect and pretty to wear as well as some novelty items that just bring out one’s passion for shoes! Check out some of these finds that you may want to consider for yourself or that fellow shoe lover on your list this year!

Stiletto Laptop StandThe Stiletto Laptop Stand is the perfect addition to any work area and will allow one to daydream about their beautiful high heels while they are also hard at work. This stand sits nicely on any surface and when folded, is shaped like a stiletto heel! Unfold it to hold your laptop and there is also a piece on the front that also unfolds to keep all of your post-it notes and pens nice and tidy, and the entire case is very easy to assemble with pieces that simply snap together! Because everything goes faster when you’re thinking about shoes!

spike cake serverTo allow one to bring their passion to the table, literally, why not consider a Spike Cake Server. This stainless steel cake server is shaped just as any other cake server, which just so happens to look like just like the foot of a high heel, and the serving handle is done in the sleek, smooth lines of a foot bed. The magnetic heel that attaches so that it can sit prettily when it’s not being used really shows that this server takes the cake!

Foot In The DoorThe Foot in the Door High Heel Door Stopper is another wacky gadget that allows one to show their personality and their love of shoes wherever they are! What better way is there to hold a door open than with the tip of a very stylish stiletto that was made just for that very purpose! This doorstop is very sturdy and will stay in place against even the strongest of doors and looks much better than the rubber stops that are all too often shoved under doors to prop them open. For those that do everything with style, the Foot in the Door is the perfect way to add class, and a bit of humor, to the details!

Mybelle Red Stiletto PhoneWe’ve all seen shoe phones but the Mybelle Red Stiletto Phone is so pretty that you will be tempted to try and slip it on yourself! A vibrant red, that is reminiscent of the roaring twenties with a pretty little bow tied onto the back, this phone has features such as last number redial and volume control, so that you can turn it down or off when you’re busy trying on all your pairs of real shoes! The user speaks easily into the foot bed and the pushbuttons are easy to use yet don’t detract from the style of the shoe itself! This gadget will definitely prove who walks the walk and who talks the talk!

Crocs o-dialBut don’t think that you need to stop with a shoe phone when you can also carry your cell phone or any other mobile device in a Crocs-o-Dial Case! This gadget case allows one to listen to their favorite music or talk on their favorite phone while it’s held snugly in a case that is designed as a replica to Crocs, the shoe that has taken the industry by storm! This case is perfect for adding Jibbitz charms, just like the real things, and has clips, snaps, and lanyards to make toting it around even easier!

White Stiletto HooksAnd there is much more than just shoe phones and accessories that make the perfect accessory for any shoe addict! What could be more perfect than sprucing up your everyday items by hanging them on beautiful White Stiletto Hooks? These hooks, look as though a stiletto heel is jutting out from the wall as the heel is used for the actual hook! The top of the sole is perfectly flat to fit easily against any wall and they are sold in pairs, of course!

SoleMates High HeelerAnd any lady that loves wearing sexy heels to summer barbecues and other outdoor events that involve some walking through grass will love The Solemates. These funky little gadgets are little pieces of clear plastic that slip easily onto most high heels and allow the heel to have a broader base, meaning that your shoe-loving friend will no longer be breaking precious heels on sidewalks cracks or appear to be in quicksand at a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Electric Footwear DryersBut it’s not only grass in nice weather that can also be difficult for shoes,  they can also cause the feet inside of them to become very cold and achy when they have been slogging through rain, snow, and other nasty elements after a hard, cold day. The Electronic Footwear Dryers were made just for that reason! No reason to leave your beautiful suede boots over the heater vent anymore, which risks ruining the material, as these perfectly shaped dryers slip easily into any style of boot or shoe and will quickly dry them not only on the inside but the outside of them as well! They are safe to use and sold as a pair and will make sure that you’re tootsies are always toasty!

Portable Boot and Clothes DryerBut if you still need that fresh-off-the-vent feeling, you may be more interested in the Portable Boot and Clothes Dryer. This little machine can be taken anywhere and can thoroughly dry boots that are as high up as the knee with the long extensions that are perfect for wrapping up in that perfect pair of boots. This is sure to be a wonderful gadget for anyone that often has to dry their outerwear (including gloves, hats, mitts, and anything else!) and keep their shoes looking newer for longer!

HeelariousAnd it’s always extremely important to remember that women love shoes ever since they were a little girl themselves and so, for all those tiny princesses, there are Heelarious High Heels. These plush heels are soft and cozy like a slipper but are in the shape of a high heel and fit babies from the ages of 0-6 months. They have a flexible strap inside so that it will stay snug on baby’s foot and will allow your infant to know that there is special something happening – her first pair of heels!

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Nine West Heech Sandal | Gladiator Sandals with High Heels

Nine West Heech SandalsThe Nine West Women’s Heech Sandal steps out onto the town and commands attention. This shoe is a delightful combination of just about every shoe imaginable. It has the height to make it a heel, the stability and comfort to make it comparable to a flat, it’s a strappy sandal and it’s a stunning wedge! This fashionable shoe has straps across the upper as well as behind the ankle and along the sides. Buckle detailing at the side make the straps stand out even more and the wide band of leather running up the center of the foot gives this shoe an even more dramatic effect. This stunning sandal definitely has it all. The beauty of a stacked wedge with the elegance of a heel and the playfulness of a strappy sandal make this the perfect shoe for those women who want one of everything!

Nine West Heech sandals on eBay:

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