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Decorative Shoe Storage Bench

31qkeILCHeL._SL500_AA250_Yes, another shoe storage review, we’re on a roll! With this wonderful storage bench you can get great home décor with storage solutions all at the same time! This sturdy bench is made from the finest dark hardwood and is hollow, giving you even more space to hide all of your shoes when you’re not wearing them! Place the bench in your living room for more seating space, in your foyer to provide a place to sit as people put on their shoes, or in the kid’s playroom. The bench is made up of two different pieces of hardwood, giving two doors to the storage space. The most convenient part about this is that you can be sitting on one piece of hardwood and open the other to find the shoes that you are looking for! This storage bench is a thing of true beauty and will not only be a great place to put all your shoes but also offers a place to put your feet up while it adds to your home’s décor!

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