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Canvas Shoe Organizer Under Your Bed

517DNdIR8uL._SL500_AA280_Use the space under your bed for more than just dust bunnies! This shoe organizer holds up to twelve pairs of shoes that can all be seen at a glance as your shoes lay side by side. The organizer has a clear plastic top that can be zippered up so that your shoes won’t have to also lay in dust or dirt that may be under your bed. It’s constructed of stylish khaki canvas with a blue trim all around, making you want to show off the space under your bed! And because the canvas is very breathable, it will also prevent the smell of musty odors, and moths from calling this space home. If you need a shoe organizer that is portable, you can find it within this organizational system as well with the side handles that make it easy to carry twelve pairs of shoes all at the same time!

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